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COVID-19 UPDATE and Water Quality Testing: 3/21/20

We are closely tracking the need to sample environmental water in our rivers and streams to detect the presence of COVID 19 virus as a way to improve outbreak monitoring and identify clusters.

A study in 2005 found SARS CoV "to persist 14 days in sewage at 4°C, 2 days at 20°C, and its RNA can be detected for 8 days though the virus had been inactivated."

Wang, X.; Li, J.; Guo, T.; Zhen, B.; Kong, Q.; Yi, B.; Li, Z.; Song, N.; Jin, M.; Xiao, W., Concentration, and detection of SARS coronavirus in sewage from Xiao Tang Shan Hospital and the 309th Hospital of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. Water science and technology 2005, 52, (8), 213-221.

Wang, X.-W.; Li, J.-S.; Guo, T.-K.; Zhen, B.; Kong, Q.-X.; Yi, B.; Li, Z.; Song, N.; Jin, M.; Wu, X.-M., Excretion and detection of SARS coronavirus and its nucleic acid from digestive system. World Journal of Gastroenterology: WJG 2005, 11, (28), 4390.

The latest from EPA acknowledges the need to test wastewater:




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